Vocola macro for multiple file search and replace in VIM editor using Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Returned to vim as primary IDE recently because for various reasons visual studio code wasn’t playing nicely in cross-platform environments.
Currently working in Golang & C (including developing bindings with CGO).
Good results with nerdtree, ctrlp, ctags, cscope, omnicomplete plugins for code navigation (with the relevant vocola macros for key-binding incantations).

But by far the most surprising experience was search and replace in multiple files without a plug-in:

# utility macros
EscWait() := {esc} Wait(200); # IDEs sometimes need delay between keypress
CmdWait() := EscWait() ":" Wait(200); # IDEs sometimes need delay between keypress
## search and replace in multiple files without plug-in
search with = CmdWait() "let @z=''" {left_1};
LoadReg() := Wait(200) {ctrl+r} Wait(200) "z" Wait(200);
replace in files = CmdWait() "args `grep -r -l '' .`" {left_4} LoadReg() {enter} CmdWait() "argdo %s///gc | update" {left_13} LoadReg() {right_1};

reference: this post

I’m finding this extremely useful and wanted to share.

Thanks again Mark and others for Natlink / Vocola.

#SIAAGM #eyegaze #tobii #assistivetechnology #WilliamsF1 #spinal

Presentation PowerPoint slideshow: 141014_Assistive_Information_Technology 16_10_14

Yesterday I gave the first talk at the spinal injury Association AGM with demonstrations of voice recognition scripting to create an exclusive demonstration-commands-only mode and control my iPhone from my computer ((very crude) scripts available at https://github.com/whIzz2000/natlink-py-scripts). My ongoing appreciation to the authors and maintainers of Natlink Vocola and Unimacro (software that enabled me to do the demo).

Conference link: http://www.spinal.co.uk/news/sia-agm

Well done to everyone involved! great talks from Ruth and Kirsten

Was an interesting day networking, seeing old friends and enjoying the Williams Formula One conference centre and museum, see photos on Flickr.

Was very pleased to meet HRH Princess Anne and talked about Nepal and save the children fund where she helped with my mum and dad back in the 70s.

Going to try to increase my usage of my Tobii PCEye gaze control device alongside voice recognition to improve the effectiveness of my PC usage. spurred on by impressive demonstrations from Hector.




voice recognition advice

In summary I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11.5, there is a version 12 but I don’t use it because it has not been compatible with a scripting environments called NatLink that I use. For anyone not having this requirement (and most people don’t) I would go with the latest and greatest e.g. Windows 8 and Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.
To avoid bottlenecks I would go with a significant amount of RAM (random access memory, at least four gigabytes, although improvements will be seen all the way up to 16!) And voice recognition, because of its reliance on processing power and audio input quality will be more accurate and responsive with powerful computer and sensitive microphone (iPhone is great or alternatively a USBheadset) it makes a significant difference if the microphone is reliably the same distance from the mouth each time you use it, the should be about 1 inch. The tutorials and information about what makes for good voice recognition within the software are very useful. Particularly information about vocal phrasing enunciation etc
I use a possum vivo for switch-based environmental control usage, this is limited but reliable.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking through the iPhone

always thought this would be good idea, given the prowess of the microphone and audio system on the iPhone. Unfortunately the iPhone app only works in the foreground so preclude you from using other applications at the same time (e.g. an application to assist with text input- HappyFingers or VNc/Remote Desktop to control another PC from your phone) and is therefore unfortunately not going to suit my lifestyle. 🙁
back to my Jabra and Lync

New Year events and January update

Upcoming gigs that Lucy Robinson and I have booked tickets to:

Modestep (live dub step) 10 February @O2 Academy Oxford
Angus stone 13 February @Shepherd’s Bush Empire
Jessie Ware 11. March @O2 Academy Oxford
NaS 19th March @ O2 arena, Greenwich
King Charles 18th of April @Shepherd’s Bush Empire
major laser 2 May @O2 Academy Oxford
Caravan Palace 23rd of May @Shepherd’s Bush Empire

I’m enjoying mentoring although sometimes it can be taxing and emotionally draining, obviously. Helping start-up a mentoring system with the regain charity.

Spending time looking at more “voice recognition compatible” methods of documentation e.g. nongraphical. Specifically TeX for *nix systems. Extending the voice recognition application “Dragon naturally speaking” with python scripting and using related frameworks e.g. dragonfly. This will enable me to interact more seamlessly with Dragon in day-to-day life and reduce the amount of manual intervention required for its use.

Will hopefully be booking some holidays in March and May soon. Investigating the Etac power wheelchairs and maintenance options.