accessing digital media around the house

Access to digital media

In recent years our standards of living have been closely linked to availability, quantity and quality of digital media. My recent mini project has been concerned with enabling me to access digital media around the house independently and irrespective of location. the following gives the objectives:
I want to be able to listen or watch media from a number of bearers including YouTube, iPlayer, iTunes as well as other website and my local media.
I want to be able to access this from my bed, my wheelchair and anywhere else I happen to be in the house.
I want to also be able to access this media through a number of devices: laptop/voice recognition, wheelchair controls/mobile phone, bedside switch/environmental control.
I want to be able to use my mobile phone through my lap top and my wheelchair controls.

I have mostly achieved the objectives through the following solution:

I have a wheelable TV stand supporting my 38″ Tv, two laptop docking stations, a raspberry pi minicomputer, a chromecast HDMI dongle and a hi-fi system connected to the TV via a Bluetooth receiver and transmitter.

All the TV stand connections are integrated within the stand, the laptops+, chromecast, raspberry pi communicate with the Internet and the home network over Wi-Fi and the TV connects with the hi-fi and speakers over Bluetooth. There is one cable connected to the TV stand, a single 240 volt power cable.

The premise is that everything transmits media to the TV which in turn plays audio via Bluetooth over the hi-fi.

Any device capable of supporting a chrome browser can stream digital media directly to the TV via chromecast. Therefore from a laptop when I’m using voice recognition of from my phone when in my wheelchair using my head control/wheelchair mounted environmental control to scan through iPhone icons via the Perrero module. also works well with YouTube iPhone application.

I can control my media centre, displaying through the TV, hosted on my raspberry pi, £35, minicomputer from my wheelchair environmental control or the single switch environmental control next to my bed. Through this I can access a host of digital media from the Internet or my local media server. This also provides a airplay interface which allows any device supporting iTunes to stream digital media directly to the TV (any Apple devices), another option from my phone or laptop.

The TV stand can be wheeled around the house still transmitting audio through the hi-fi via Bluetooth, connected through Wi-Fi to the Internet and the home network.

This allows me to spend less time asking people to connect/reconnect devices and more time getting on with life…