Levanto, Italy 2014

Our Italy trip was great, fantastic hospitality as usual from the well renowned “a durmi” holiday accommodation. Great company with Ellen, Angela, Aniko, Chiara, Elisa, Alison, Christine, Didi, Lisa, Ermano, Clara, Graziella. the most spectacular food from our friends at “l’artichoka” and “totano blue”.

Due to the recent refurbishments of Levanto and the access to surrounding towns we were able to travel along the coast through the tunnels (which are fully wheelchair accessible) to the towns of Bonasolla and Framura. We travelled via British Airways from Gatwick to Genoa and then used an accessible taxi (not cheap but very good and driven by a supplied driver) to get to Levanto.

Treatment at Genoa was very good if unorganised and the staff at Gatwick were friendly but there was no communication between groundstaff and airline staff. Not much of a surprise but definitely manageable.
Going to start looking into finding ways to help with the cost of flights for personal assistants as this is always a barrier to travel for someone with high dependence.

Great to get some much-needed sunshine and take the mind off work for a while, reading my iPad from the chair via the head control proved a great success using the “Perrero” module.

Stunning food and scenery as you would expect, managing the uninhibited staring from the Italian populace was often uncomfortable especially when a returned smile was not reciprocated. I think a minor cultural Revolution is necessary to help with the acceptance and accommodation of physical disability in Italy. Makes me really appreciate the relatively positive attitude we have in this country.

So thank you so much to Angela and Aniko for facilitating such an enjoyable break and mitigating against potential skin related disasters with due care and diligence.

I’ve uploaded a few photos to Flickr…

Buona Giournata (I think!)