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Presentation PowerPoint slideshow: 141014_Assistive_Information_Technology 16_10_14

Yesterday I gave the first talk at the spinal injury Association AGM with demonstrations of voice recognition scripting to create an exclusive demonstration-commands-only mode and control my iPhone from my computer ((very crude) scripts available at https://github.com/whIzz2000/natlink-py-scripts). My ongoing appreciation to the authors and maintainers of Natlink Vocola and Unimacro (software that enabled me to do the demo).

Conference link: http://www.spinal.co.uk/news/sia-agm

Well done to everyone involved! great talks from Ruth and Kirsten

Was an interesting day networking, seeing old friends and enjoying the Williams Formula One conference centre and museum, see photos on Flickr.

Was very pleased to meet HRH Princess Anne and talked about Nepal and save the children fund where she helped with my mum and dad back in the 70s.

Going to try to increase my usage of my Tobii PCEye gaze control device alongside voice recognition to improve the effectiveness of my PC usage. spurred on by impressive demonstrations from Hector.




week out of the office

Enjoyed a wonderful week last week only doing a couple of days work away from the office and spending time in London Brighton Portsmouth Winchester visiting some museums, restaurants, Brighton seafront and nights out including Brighton and Brixton. Being looked after well by Jana and Nela whilst having good fun. as usual staying in holiday inns and thinking about my talk this week @ SIA agm at the Williams conference centre near grove. We’ll be talking about assistive technology.

Guttman conference on Spinal Cord Injury: content updated

140626 Assistive Technology and Employment- Fulfilling Prof Guttman’s Dream


Gave a talk at the conference today. The subject was employment and assistive technology for someone with spinal-cord injury.

photo slideshow from the previous backup city dinner talk:

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