April 18th Progress ….

Tom has moved to St Andrew’s Ward: fewer tubes, less intense nursing and opportunities to listen to sounds on the new IPOD and LOOK OUT OF A WINDOW! David joined Ellen in Tom’s new home this morning. Polly and Susie have come to see Tom after Polly’s scan (she goes in later today for her procedure at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford … we will tell you her news too).

April 17 Update

Tom had another good day at the National Spinal Injuries Centre in Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury: he seems positive and in good spirits, reflecting on how good it is that his brain is working as it should, remembering what happens from hour to hour, and really buoyed up by all the messages of support he is getting. (Ellen is reading them to him). He is sleeping well (his wake up call each morning is the visit by the physiotherapists). He hopes that he might – perhaps – be moved from the Intensive Therapy Unit into the acute ward (St Andrew’s) tomorrow (but he knows that bed availability can change from hour to hour so is not getting his hopes up too much). He is looking forward to being able to speak – and to eat real food – soon.

April 16 Update

Good progress continues in the Intensive Therapy Unit. Tom was massaged yesterday and although he could not feel it he said that it felt as though the “fog had lifted”. Lots of conversations with the hospital staff, and with Ellen, Polly, and Susie – they have got the lip-reading down to a fine art. Using a complicated double mirror arrangement Tom was able to watch “Lost in Translation” with Ellen on the TV, and today Ellen read some of the comments that she had printed out from the Website – Tom was delighted and heartened to hear what had been written and said that he will contribute something as soon as he can. He remains positive and smiley despite being increasingly aware of the challenges he faces.

Music conducive to a speedy recovery

Its my job to dig about for some tunes to put on an ipod for tom, for him to listen to during his time at Stoke Mandeville. I recon he must have exhausted mum’s ‘Birdsong’ and ‘Sounds of the Amazon’ cassette tapes by now. Chillout stuff is, I guess, optimal. So no speedcore or acid techno as yet. I’m giving him all the Shpongle albums for starters, and alot of Cafe del Mar.

Anyone got any ideas? Also on the lookout for good audio books…

Get well Tom!


April 12 Update

April 12th 2007: Tom has continuous nursing care in the Stoke Mandeville Hospital Intensive Therapy Unit, with regular physiotherapy to help him clear his lungs (they were bruised in the accident) and support for breathing and circulation. When he is awake he listens carefully to the nursing staff and sometimes he lip-syncs (brother Ollie’s words) jokes to them. Ellen (girlfriend) and David (dad) were with Tom for much of the day and then Susie (mum) came for the evening. Sometimes Tom asks what all the different tubes and wires are for, and wonders where he is; other times he is able to focus on what is happening and where he will go next. The treatment is hard work: in between the workouts Tom rests while his body heals itself. He has been told that when this intensive care has done its work he will move to the acute care ward in the National Spinal Injuries Centre (NSIC) which is also part of Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Write a post, upload a photo

Tom and LucasHello friends and family of Tom – you are welcome to add a blog post, upload a photo to this site. All you need to do is login, click on “write post” and use the editor. You may upload images, insert them into your post, format your text, make links, you name it. We know many of you may have stories to tell or photos you took that can’t be captured in a small comment. We’ll be keeping an eye on this space and we want to hear what you have to say.

There have been many kind comments, it is wonderful to know Tom is in your thoughts and prayers.

Quick update

April 7th: On April 3rd 2007 Tom Nabarro, David’s eldest son aged 22, had a serious accident while snowboarding in Bulgaria. He received immediate medical care on the slopes, was transferred to the Military Medical Centre in Sofia, [(to see the whole thing click on the “Quick Update” heading] had emergency surgery for damage to his neck and has, since then, been in the intensive therapy unit at the hospital.

It is expected that he will be transferred by air ambulance to the Spinal Injuries Unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in the near future. David, together with Tom’s girlfriend Ellen, mother Susie, brother Oliver and Sister Polly, and Ellen’s mother Mandy are in Sofia and see him daily.

April 8th: Tom was transferred by air ambulance to Stoke Mandeville Hospital Aylesbury and admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

April 10th: Tom strong and fighting to get better and receiving nursing and medical support. Minimal visitors at this time: Ellen and close family are with him.

April 11th: Tom holding his own, and when not sleeping he recognises us, shows his sense of humour, asks us questions (we are good at lip-reading), wondering a bit about what is happening. He is strong.

We’ll keep the timeline of events updated on the “progress” page.