Barbara’s Message – 19th April

Some of Tom’s friends who want to write something have not been able to get themselves registered and enter their comments. If you cannot make the system work for you do send me your words and I will post them ( Barbara Harriss of Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford writes

“Am reading the daily progress avidly. I would like Tom to know I’m thinking of him but I am such a dumb idiot I find I cannot log on.

When you next talk to Tom, please tell him that I forgive him for standing me up at the Playhouse and I vividly remember times which he doesn’t: spent walking in North Wales, when he was the head of the children but aged about 4 – perhaps even not 4. I am also remembering a visit to my place in France when Tom Oollie and Polly all tumbled out of a van; and where Tom made a gigantic leap into the local lake which was almost as good to watch as the great photo of him throwing Luc – on the website. And then we all spent the evening listening to the guitar on the terrace of my old house – dodging bats in the gathering darkness and listening to the squeaks of the Greater Edible European Dormouse which is actually a bat-like mini-squirrel with an appetite for rafters.

Kaveri and Eli kept the news of Tom’s accident until I was home from India. I had returned back to places I hadn’t visited since before Tom must have been doing A-levels and it has changed so much it is bewildering. My moment of truth came on one of the new fibre glass fishing craft provided by NGOs after the tsunami. These are what has replaced the 6 logs tied together which provided a perfectly adequate living before Boxing Day 2005. To stay afloat the boat, which looks like a very small punt, has two holes in the bottom – one to let the water in and one to let it out. We got completely soaked in any case from the water coming over the sides in an unsmooth sea. You had to stand and hang on for dear life to a rope attached to the front of the boat as it tossed on the big waves. The objective was to see off two delapidated trawlers which had encroached into shore water. This was completely unsuccessful and the crew returned with a pay off from the crew of the first trawler in the form of a pound of shrimps. I didn’t expect to end up doing something like that on this trip.

Kaveri, Eli and I are all thinking of Tom, Ellen and the whole family. I think our best role at present is to support with things like tasty dishes so people who are travelling don’t have to cook. It is good to read the news of the progress each day – keep it up Tom!

with love to you all, Barbara”

Music conducive to a speedy recovery

Its my job to dig about for some tunes to put on an ipod for tom, for him to listen to during his time at Stoke Mandeville. I recon he must have exhausted mum’s ‘Birdsong’ and ‘Sounds of the Amazon’ cassette tapes by now. Chillout stuff is, I guess, optimal. So no speedcore or acid techno as yet. I’m giving him all the Shpongle albums for starters, and alot of Cafe del Mar.

Anyone got any ideas? Also on the lookout for good audio books…

Get well Tom!


Write a post, upload a photo

Tom and LucasHello friends and family of Tom – you are welcome to add a blog post, upload a photo to this site. All you need to do is login, click on “write post” and use the editor. You may upload images, insert them into your post, format your text, make links, you name it. We know many of you may have stories to tell or photos you took that can’t be captured in a small comment. We’ll be keeping an eye on this space and we want to hear what you have to say.

There have been many kind comments, it is wonderful to know Tom is in your thoughts and prayers.

Quick update

April 7th: On April 3rd 2007 Tom Nabarro, David’s eldest son aged 22, had a serious accident while snowboarding in Bulgaria. He received immediate medical care on the slopes, was transferred to the Military Medical Centre in Sofia, [(to see the whole thing click on the “Quick Update” heading] had emergency surgery for damage to his neck and has, since then, been in the intensive therapy unit at the hospital.

It is expected that he will be transferred by air ambulance to the Spinal Injuries Unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in the near future. David, together with Tom’s girlfriend Ellen, mother Susie, brother Oliver and Sister Polly, and Ellen’s mother Mandy are in Sofia and see him daily.

April 8th: Tom was transferred by air ambulance to Stoke Mandeville Hospital Aylesbury and admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

April 10th: Tom strong and fighting to get better and receiving nursing and medical support. Minimal visitors at this time: Ellen and close family are with him.

April 11th: Tom holding his own, and when not sleeping he recognises us, shows his sense of humour, asks us questions (we are good at lip-reading), wondering a bit about what is happening. He is strong.

We’ll keep the timeline of events updated on the “progress” page.