Donate for Tom Nabarro and the Back-Up trust.

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Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2007 9:39 AM

Subject: Donate for Tom Nabarro and the Back-Up trust.

As you will know, David Nabarro’s son Tom had a snow-boarding accident earlier in the year and sustained a serious neck injury; leaving him paralysed from the neck down. He is currently in Stoke Mandeville Hospital in the UK . A friend and colleague of David and his family, Rob Holden, who works at WHO is taking part in the ‘Ultra-tour de Mont Blanc’ between 24-26 August to raise money for the Back-Up Trust and to support the building and equipping of “The Pavilion”, a customized work and social space for Tom Nabarro for the future (to be supported through the Pavilion Trust Fund).

More details about Tom, Rob and the race can be found on the following web-site: . This site also provides details of how you can donate funds: Donation Page. [Or you can donate using the Widget above – see 17 August posting : NB The email address of the Ultra Tour for Tom webmaster ( appears on the donation form as he set up the account].

So please can we ask you to find a few moments to look at the web-site and donate some funds! We have less than a month to go before the race, so we all need to make the effort now. Also please pass details of the links onto friends and colleagues of David, or indeed anyone who you think might be interested in donating to this cause.

Warmest regards

Siobhan, Bob, Rob, Tom, Glenn

Susie writes: Congratulations to Rob Holden, Tom Ernst and their team in Switzerland who have got the Chip-in donation site up and running – the BackUp Trust helps spinal patients to do things they wouldn’t otherwise achieve, such as outings and sports, and the Pavilion Trust is intended to enable Tom N to take on further challenges, once he is through his next operation on Tuesday 7th August. We’ll be following Rob’s marathon on the web.. good luck ! Thanks to all donors – do encourage your friends to sponsor Rob in this huge effort. Rob’s UltraTour donation site has a deadline of 31st August, after which the proceeds will be split 50% between the BackUp Trust and the Pavilion Trust. Here in Oxford, we have drafted the Pavilion Trust deed with lawyers, and we are in touch with architect Peter Ruthven Hall and the West Oxfordshire planning committee about the building projects at The Limes.

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Tom and LucasHello friends and family of Tom – you are welcome to add a blog post, upload a photo to this site. All you need to do is login, click on “write post” and use the editor. You may upload images, insert them into your post, format your text, make links, you name it. We know many of you may have stories to tell or photos you took that can’t be captured in a small comment. We’ll be keeping an eye on this space and we want to hear what you have to say.

There have been many kind comments, it is wonderful to know Tom is in your thoughts and prayers.