New Year update

Quieter than usual Christmas period after Brother Ollie and family didn’t join us because of the birth of their new child Alessia. Continue to be entertained and enthralled by Ori and his development, he is loving riding around on a metal toy car brought from France by his grandad and partner. He can get all the way to the pub and back. He is also very creative in his new toy kitchen (present from Gosia) and cooks us regular delicacies with precision and skill :-).

Had some great outings to Printworks London, most recently to see Anjunadeep play on the 14 December.

Work continues to be interesting and challenging getting ready for 1.0 stable release of DAOS later in the first quarter of this year.

We are also expecting another baby in June and went for the twenty week scan yesterday, we are not finding out the gender but the wriggler looks gorgeous, as does the mum!

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