work and renovations

work is interesting challenging (working on a Exascale computing project for Intel) and it is good to be part of such a serious team, very nice to be working within an infrastructure where I can focus on development and offload testing/documentation/project management to specialists (I am used to have to do a lot of that myself). We embark on some house renovations in order to make use of the downstairs more functional and create a room for Ori, encountering various hurdles but builders have been able to get on with the foundations/digging (currently foundations flooded due to rain though).


Continuing to enjoy watching Ori grow in body and mind, he continues to be as cute as ever and entertains us with his beautiful noises and insatiable curiosity.

We thoroughly enjoyed Wilderness festival in Charlbury/Cornbury estate, lovely birthday with family and I’m very excited about Anjunadeep open-air festival in London on Sunday with an incredible lineup.

Work at Intel continues to stimulate and is ramping up steeply with a challenging Exascale project with ambitious timelines. I’m lucky to be working closely with some incredible engineers across the globe.