Ori’s first trip abroad

He is much better now, having fully recovered the meningitis with quickly applied antibiotics, team at the John Radcliffe Hospital were exceptional!

We travelled up to Dumfries, Scotland over the long Easter weekend to stay with John (Ellen’s father) and family accompanied by Mandy (Ellen’s mother) and it was relatively relaxed, with Ori being predictable and sleeping for good periods of the day/night (it seems we are very lucky after the initial rocky period). Ellen has been sleeping when the baby sleeps and is coping with occasional sleeplessness amazingly and overall doing incredible with feeding and caring (unsurprisingly).

Ori is very beautiful and extremely alert, focusing on faces now over around a metre away and generating all sorts of noises that make me smile. He is giving joy to everyone he meets and has therefore picked up a new nickname “boj” (bundle of joy).

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