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Physical Activities for Those with Disabilities That Aren’t Boring in the Slightest

Many people struggle with finding ways to get physical activity that stimulates that part of themselves that craves adventure and fun. There’s nothing less motivating than a boring exercise, and if you’re living with a disability you may feel as though your physical activity is limited to the dull and monotonous. Here are some activities that prove that’s wrong.


One of the most accommodating sports for people with various disabilities is downhill skiing. The amount of technology available to assist people of all walks of life in living out their skiing dreams is massive. For those without the use of their legs, there is mono and bi skiing, which utilize bucket-style seats with either a single or double rail underneath. For those with use of their legs, but with some form of disability, there is four-track skiing options.

“Four-track skiing is an ideal technique for persons with a wide variety of disabilities, including double amputees, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, head trauma, paraplegia, and polio,” notes

For an incredibly thorough rundown of your skiing options, check here.


Surfing is another sport that greatly benefits from recent advances in technology.

“Like regular surfing, adaptive surfing involves the surfer paddling out and riding a wave towards the shore. Adaptive surfing can occur wherever there are suitable waves, this is mainly in the ocean however can also be done in lakes, river and through artificial waves,” says “Surfing requires the use of a surfboard. Adaptive surfing allows for modifications to be made to the surfboard so that it can be properly used and safe for the surfer.”

There are surfing boards called waveskis, which incorporate a seat and a paddle. There is also laydown surfing (which is pretty much what it sounds like) and kite surfing, which is particularly fun for those with disabilities.

Some with disabilities – if they aren’t too severe – can even get up on more traditional surfboards as long as they have the help of a spotter.

Martial arts

Learning taekwondo, judo, or another form of martial arts is not outside the realm of possibility if you have a disability. In fact, many martial arts teachers understand that moves can be adapted and replaced to suit particular disabilities.

“If a student is unable to kick, then a replacement technique that does approximately the same thing can usually be found. For example, a front kick can be replaced by a straight punch, a roundhouse kick by a roundhouse punch, a back kick by a hammerfist and so on. For people who cannot use their arms, the reverse is true. People who are paralyzed on one side need to be given one sided alternatives,” says

For resources on this, check out this site.


If you still want to do something fun that is a little less extreme, people with disabilities have found that the ancient game of boccia is quite conducive to many different conditions. The goal is to throw balls and get them as close to a target ball as you can. People with disabilities can throw the balls, roll them, kick them, or even use a ramp to propel them toward the target. Places with strong communities are great places to find local groups dedicated to games that accommodate those with disabilities.

While it doesn’t hurt to get in your routine exercise (even if it’s in your own home), getting your daily quota of physical activity doesn’t have to be boring and limited. Even if you are living with a disability, there are plenty of ways to have a ton of fun while getting that much-needed exercise.

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Physical Activities for Those with Disabilities That Aren’t Boring in the Slightest

Switzerland and #WildernessFestival

We had a busy but enjoyable time on our road trip, Paleo Festival short but sweet, and two lovely weddings.

#GREAT2017 #Bridgethegap #assistivetechnology
Talk in Geneva went well, got across most of the points I wanted to cover but delivery was not very smooth. As dad has said, “it’s better when it doesn’t go smoothly, means you can learn from it”.
Thanks specifically to organising employees at the summit, Chapal for inviting me and Ellen, Angela and Ineta for enabling.

Wilderness Festival great fun over my birthday weekend. Appleton estate rum bar playing excellent house music and the Valley #PBRStreetgang & #EatsEverything was lively as usual. Most enjoyable acts at the main stage for me were #Bonobo and #TheCorrespondents.