Reflections: ten years post spinal injury

I have been doing some reflection seeing as it is ten years post my injury. Ellen Nabarro and I have a surprisingly good standard of living with lots of excitement great friends and family. Unsurprisingly, life is still not simple but we seem to manage with internal and external support, our core strength comes from each other and the amazing bond we have. I feel blessed every day for my wife, she is truly my heaven sent angel. I still dream as a more able-bodied person and I doubt that will ever change, my memories of being a fit and healthy able-bodied person seem both recent and ancient at the same time and whilst I know this is me now and that was me then, the same person, the 2 parts of my life are so disjoint that it does feel like some kind of rebirth / different life. Warm wishes and positive vibes to all, remembering those precious departed and giving thanks for the pleasures I am given every day.

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