Reflections on St Petes, Florida

Wonderful trip to Florida, Jaime & Matt had a picturesque intimate wedding which we all enjoyed thoroughly despite me getting stressed about my immobilised wheelchair. after a couple of days relaxing with the bride, Groom and respective families, we stayed to enjoy seeing Saint Petersburg whilst the newlyweds travelled to Miami and then a Caribbean cruise for their honeymoon.

Soaking in the sun and white sandy beaches was bliss, a welcome strong wind kept me cool.

Wheelchair emergency was quelled after a day and a half of being driven/pushed around (not so fun) when we enlisted the help of a friendly local wheelchair engineer (who seemed to be able to do anything asked of him). The problem stemmed from a broken cable receptacle/connector/header that had come off the circuit board inside the wheelchair control box (HMC magic drive). This part had been on the blink for a while so I knew it was coming at some point. It finally gave up when I (gently) reversed into a handrail at the wedding dinner reception.

Cliff (the engineer) was able to solder the connector pins back to the board with wires. A micro fuse on the integrated circuit had been dislodged from the circuit board and Cliff managed to secure it back on due to a clean break and some quick-acting adhesive.

Making the chair work again was a big relief after many hours of ringing around to find an engineer or a soldering iron.

Hit some good bars and heard some good live music, then at the end of the next night, chair stopped working again. the next morning, Cliff (the saviour) again came to our aid and fixed the cable solder joints he had made with epoxy resin so they would not come detached.

With that final fix, all been going well and good until now (fingers crossed) but I did have a very suspicious package (all taped up with tape and exposed wires) when going through customs.

Finding a taxi back to the airport from Saint Petersburg beach bank to Orlando International airport was also nontrivial, so we spent about 4 hours looking for a suitable taxi. In the end we luckily found a friendly driver who lived local to take us.

#Condor / #ThomasCook flight back was fine, after a bit of persuasion we had been upgraded to premium economy which was a lifesaver because the chair could recline and the seating was more spacious.

now back after a sleepless night, to sleep …

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