Flight to Florida

Ellen, myself, Angela and Gosia arrived in Saint Petersburg, Florida. smooth trip with #NorwegianAirlines not bad considering they are a budget airline. Ground-staff both in #GatwickAirport and #OrlandoInternationalAirport excellent with transfers, friendly Thai air hostesses.

Amusingly when I asked for some water on the flight, one of the hostesses told me I could go and get it for myself at the end of the asile, when I explained that I couldn’t she went off in a huff but did come back later with the water. Then when we were waiting for the aisle chair to disembark the aeroplane, after all other passengers had departed, she came and apologised profusely, almost crying, saying that she hadn’t realised I literally couldn’t move and that’s why she had refused to get me the water. She was very sweet about it.

Now to enjoy the wedding of the wonderful couple Jaime Buckingham & Matthew Beattie.

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