really enjoyed our trip to Thailand to visit Ollie (brother), Rin (his wife) and Sophia (their daughter). sampled culture and nightlife, excellent fun and very eye-opening. enjoyed learning about Buddhism and Hinduism and some Chinese history. trips to temples beaches and gardens. lots of time with family and friends and some surprise encounters with friends new and old out on the town. incredible accommodation at Oliver and Rin’s house, fully made accessible for us with lovely swimming pool and life-saving air-conditioning. time spent in surrounding areas of Bangkok and Pattaya. thanks and love to all involved: Oliver Rin Sophia Ellen Gosia Aga Raj Louisa Mum Mark Ice Guy Matty [+parents] Steve Julie Kun-Pa Rose Ram Martin

travel was expensive with adapted van and compulsory driver! Eva Air decided that we needed to dismantle wheelchair so that it was less than 100kg, power to Ellen Gosia and Aga for being the mechanics to do this

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