#Cybathlon reflections with #TeamImperial

Incredible weekend at the Cybathlon, overwhelmed by the courage and determination of athletes, encouragement and support from crowd and staff and general atmosphere of warmth, inclusion and goodwill.
Unfortunately I did not start the BCI race in the competition, in the end the organisation decided against giving me an exception to allow me to compete regarding my pacemaker. It was uncertain whether I would be allowed to race given my pacemaker is generally non-pacing and I am not dependent on it, the rules state competitors must not have a pacemaker but we were told an exception might be made.
Nevertheless we have really enjoyed the weekend and it was an inspiring event. an unforgettable experience being part of #TeamImperial
Congratulations to Johnny for getting silver in the FES bike category, great performances from Kevin, Siva and team.
Highlights for me definitely included the Exoskeleton A final (link) and wheelchair obstacle course A&B finals (link).
We did get to do a BCI Time trial race in the stadium after hours thanks to negotiation skills of Aldo and generosity of the organisers, although we were underprepared this was still a good team experience.

Photos to follow on Flickr…

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