Road tripping #2

Trip back from Italy through France and Switzerland was shorter, wonderful stay in Malans Switzerland with our fabulous friends Peter and Maria Leisinger whose warmth, geniality and hospitality always seems to heal me in some way. Even when only visiting for a short time. Such a beautiful setting to rest and recuperate.

Photos uploaded to Flickr, more to come.

Levanto June 2016

What a quick 10 days that was, went far too fast.

we experienced mostly good weather, some overcast days (nice respite for me, but not for Ellen).

As usual incredible Italian cuisine from the excellent assortment of Levanto restaurants, most notably L’articcoca and Totano Blu. got my fix of Spaghetti alla vongole and Calamari.

couple of visits to Bonosolla through the tunnels (my favourite accessible Ligurian/Cinque Terre jaunt), a fair amount of beer and two trips out on the water (not after drinking beer) being dragged along facedown with a full face mask. Waves this week have made the water mostly opaque so didn’t see much wildlife but still great fun!

Spent a while watching the surfing, our friend Sam probably the best in the water. Ellen learning and catching and standing up on 70%, impressive stuff. such amazing hospitality and friendship from Graziella, Gianni, Chiara, Elisa, Luca, Alahandro, Didier, Ivano, Linda, Ermano, Clara, Sam, Alison and Bepe among others. have to stay for longer next time, but I always say that!

Photos on Flickr

road tripping

Started by tearing it down the A20 with Aga at the wheel of the van after taking the ferry from Portsmouth.

Took in the beauty of Caen, Le Mans, Tours before staying near Villandry.

Passed Limoge and beautiful valleys as we headed to Albi (and its breathtaking bridges, tempting covered market and Cathedral), where we stayed for a night after having dinner with friends in the middle of rural Cahors and before heading to Montpellier via St-Affrique and Roquefort (although having no on-board cooling facilities we decided not to make a large fromage purchase). We spent a lot of time admiring the Semin-de-Rance river and its surroundings.

Dinner at the L’entrecote restaurant just next to the Place de la Comedie (the big Opera house) right at the centre of Montpellier. They do one thing (salad, steak and frites) and one thing only, but exceptionally well.

Late in to motel in Arles (Van Gough territory), terrible night sleep due to coffee and not enough Cognac.

I was unsuccessfully trying to sleep while driving in scorching heat across the French Riviera towards the eastern border. Unfortunately we didn’t get to stop at St. Tropez, Cannes, Nice, Monaco and Monte Carlo but taking in the scenery at every occasion. Had a lovely rural escapade towards the village of Saint Agnes for a quick stop.

Then to Italy, circumnavigating Genoa and admiring the Ligurian coast from the Autoroute. Then the turning down to Carrodano to get to the beautiful Levanto, just north of the Cinque Terre.