in memory

Two friends passed away recently, both loved dearly by friends and family. Toby Mole, Smiley and witty, a friend from the North Oxford community. Jose Barretta, cyclist and marathon runner, husband and tetraplegic, succeeded in a number of struggles post injury and was a great inspiration to those around him.

Thoughts go to Guy, Jess, Peter, Alegra, George, Jose’s wife and family.

nice day and nice sound

Another great day with friends in our house, great company. we are lucky

On another note the #BoseSoundTouch 10 is probably the best electronic purchase I’ve made in the last 5 years. have always been impressed with the quality of the Bose products, having had a Bose Wave I was already hooked.
I had been looking for a wireless speaker that is small enough to be portable and works well with my situation at home, I previously had some cheap Bluetooth audio transmitters and receivers which occasionally cut out due to Bluetooth interference in my room.
After reading around and trying a Sonos device (and being very disappointed with the Limited features and mediocre sound quality), I am so pleased I tried this. integration with Spotify app, Internet streaming, Bluetooth and line-in make it an extremely flexible device with an incredible quality of sound. so nice to have good Fidelity music, can hear every instrument. although this sounds like a pitch it’s not, I’m genuinely that pleased