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enjoying mentoring and trying to help with assistive technology.

recently asked a question regarding assistive IT for someone with a C2 spinal injury (phone specifically) and gave the following response:

“I’m using a Plantronics Voyager HD pro which has good noise cancellation. There are a lot of good Bluetooth headsets and as long as you’re not buying the cheapest that should be fine, I find one of the most important things is comfort as I wear it for long periods. I haven’t really used the voice commands as much as maybe I could, I’m very reliant on voice control software and spend a large proportion of the day on my laptop. Getting auto answer workingwas very useful for me, this is trivial on an android phone but with my iPhone\ I had to jailbreak and get an application called CallController off (free) Cydia (unofficial app store). Obviously there are pros and cons of auto answer in terms of privacy.

In terms of phone control I’ve tried Pererro sold by RSL Steeper, iPortal (which unfortunately works with one type of wheelchair control system) and the Tapio (my current favourite). They generally offer a switch interface which enables scanning through objects on the screen, other options such as a sliding coordinate target can also be useful.

I have a bespoke system of VNC server on my iPhone\ and USB tunnel/VNC viewer/voice recognition coordinate macros which I have made open source ( but is not particular straightforward to setup (and also requires jailbroken iPhone).

I’ve tried a vast number of access IT devices including eyegaze, headpointer, gyroset and all have their merits and can be good in a specific situation, for me portability is probably one of the top priorities and to be able to have a reliable system I can take anywhere without hassle has meant I use voice recognition most of the time. I’ve actually tried the Occular rift headset today and gyroscopic/gesture/voice integrated devices will definitely be big and very useful in the near future. I really like the look of the gyroset created by our Hungarian friends.”


enjoying the new job at Intel in Swindon, exciting product to work on and lots to learn

my brother just married and is expecting the baby tomorrow, look forward to a trip to Thailand in March to see her (Sophia)

looking forward to the rugby at Twickenham on the weekend, supporting Wales of course

torn between “Dave Matthews band” and the backup ball, and it’s going to have to be the backup ball because you can’t miss that if you’re in your right mind, anyone who fancies Dave Matthews band and is or has a friend in a wheelchair please give me a shout

created website for beautiful accessible and homely holiday rental in Scotland, get in touch if interested


love to all

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