Italy 2015


Another brilliant holiday in Levanto, Liguria – Cinque Terre268, Italy. First part of it was spent celebrating the wedding of our cousin Blythe to the amazing Cody, both bringing troops all the way over from the US. Levanto has just about recovered!

On the way we stopped off to visit my dad and family, all on good form and enjoyed visits to Lake Geneva and catching up.

When we got to Italy it was straight into celebration mode, it was quite a wedding celebration with almost a weeks worth of excursions and events, great to meet both sides of the family and bask in the warmth radiated.

We were again accommodated at the fantastic and luxurious A Durmi269 , the wonderful family business and perfect hosts; Chiara, Elisa, Gianni and Graziella.

All of us Nabarro children apart from Josephine were together for a couple of days when Lucas and David arrived which was a treat.

Then afterwards we were joined by family friends the Churcher Clarkes for the remainder of the holiday which is when I started getting in the sea. One of the beaches had a specialist wheelchair for getting in the water so with help of friends we managed to get in and out floating on my back and front and being dragged around the water. On one of the subsequent days I was taken on a paddle board (which people use to stand on a little bit like a punt) in an ingenious manner strapped to a low fold up canvas chair and we paddled out to an idyllic cove in a group. Then I had a go at snorkelling with a fullface mask which was a great success and was pulled along by the feet. It was great to be looking under the water again for a prolonged period, it’s been a long while. On the last day we had a real treat and were taken on a boat out along the coast stopping at various places of interest, I was lifted in on a manual chair to sit under the canvas shade over the boat and along the way lifted into the water off the side of the boat by a great team of well-organised “Levantese”. Afterwards they lifted me back in out of the water in an extremely impressive and well-organised manner, led by the captain Marco.

This will be remembered for a long time, it was a special experience and great to get back to the water. I am so grateful to the team who enabled me and encourage me to do it including Alejandro, Ivano, Didi, Rudy, Alessio, Marco, Gabbo (by proxy) and of course Chiara.

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  1. Dear Tom,
    iut sounds as though you had a marvellous holiday.

    I read back to your BBC world service interview. Will you actually get to wear that head device? Where does the finance come from to develop something really useful like that? You said that the technology has been around for ages but putting it all together has been long delayed. I can imagine the lives that will be enhanced by a complex multifunctional device that’s simple to operate.

    On the sea and water I can imagine how wonderful that was! I’ll always remember you as captured on photo sometime in the 1990s I think when you visited the house in Chapelle Antie and were all snapped jumping into the local lake.

    When I opened the place up in May I drove past the lake and it was empty! I think they are trying to get rid of ‘cyanobacterie’, the levels of which have prevented the lake from being used for swimming these last few years.

    I am holidaying very late this year – still around till August 17th – because of a new grandchild. My second, Leila is my Pakistani opposite number’s 49th! Leila arrived in the JR on the 16th and is much fairer than Ruhi and very sweet. Ruhi has stopped trying to teach her to walk and is learning how you should be a big sister.
    we all send you and Ellen our love,

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