holidays and preconceptions


Off to Brighton for a hopefully sunny time on the beach, then looking forward to June and time in Italy with family and friends for a spectacular wedding of our much loved cousins from across the pond. July will involve partying in Ibiza and a festival in Switzerland (PALEO)! How lucky we are 🙂

After attempting to apply for a charity bike ride in Cuba to raise money for the Regain sports charity I was notified that it wouldn’t be possible as it would be too “difficult” for me. Edit: it has been communicated to me that the reason was in fact due to overcapacity rather than “difficulty” which is of course a different matter.

I am keen to encourage tetraplegics to push boundaries and participate in events that push the boundaries of what’s physically possible, it challenges damaging attitudes which set and encourage low expectations of those with disabilities, this needs to be changed as it sets a limit on what people strive to achieve themselves.

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