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I was at Naidex on Tuesday giving some comments to the BBC World Service “outside source” program on the new “Gyroset” head motion control system that can be used to control a wheelchair and computer mouse among other things.

I’m really excited about it as a way to control my environment and wheelchair. It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally an intuitive, proportional control system that I hope will enable a more smooth and natural way of driving.

So you can listen to the program here.

The interview with now technologies and my comments are around 9 minutes in.

Whereas previous attempts at this kind of thing have been disappointing in terms of software reliability and performance, these guys seem to have got it right and have a fully functional, well performing polished device. The problem now is to get the wheelchair manufacturers on board @PermobilUK are you listening?

@ministryofsound @HenrySaiz @MartinAudioLtd #6AM #Accessibility

Ministry of Sound on Friday was epic, after watching @JonHopkins @o2AcademyBrixton, @claptone showed silky blending skills before @HenrySasiz absolutely smashed it long into morning! what a sound system from @MartinAudioLtd in “the box” room, has to be heard to be believed, crisp high fidelity with good spectral power distribution. @MinistryOfSound is the most wheelchair accessible club I’ve been to in London and the best organised as well, much admiration for those involved.

summer festivals

We are now the lucky owners of tickets to the following summer festivals:

Paleo Festival – Switzerland

Wilderness Festival – Cornbury Park

SW4 – Clapham Common

extremely excited at the vast quantity of exceptionally good music on offer!

Friends get your tickets now.