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super excited about another jampacked year including the following treats:

caribou / 14 mar, above and beyond / 4th apr, John Hopkins / 24th apr – Brixton O2\ Academy

going to Sweden in February to do some bisking

(potentially Ibiza), Italy and Switzerland in June and July

So at the moment it’s working hard with challenging new cloud-based work project, managing the challenges of care continuity & some interesting side projects regarding disability, accessibility and brain-computer interfaces.

Very much enjoyed watching three incarnations of “the curious incident of the dog in the night-time” by national theatre productions, which Ellen has been very much involved in alongside lead designer Bunny Christie. The Cottesloe (dark and intimate), Gilgud (glitzy and spectacular) & Lowry (emotional and immersive) have each housed enchanting but very different productions with completely separate casts.

Best wishes to all in 2015

Jenny Lee running the #Marathon for the #BackupTrust

Good on Jenny, running a huge long way for the benefit of newly injured tetraplegics trying to adjust to a difficult but potentially still very rewarding life. Jenny is a very special lady having helped us through a lot of hard times and was maid of honour at our wedding.

Please give generously for a great cause if you can.

New Year

A short post to reflect over the Christmas period.

It’s been quite emotional to see all of the family and friends that I don’t get to see for most of the year and to reflect with them about the past. Celebrating a little too much with friends has been lots of fun but the serious part has been being reminded that the challenges have not been unsurmountable and that we can look to the future with confidence regarding the challenges ahead. My mum and dad will both be retiring within the next few years and this will bring new situations and possibilities which I look forward to.

Self reflection has brought me some sad moments over the past few weeks as it sometimes does when I stop and do a reality check. Reality of disability is a “hard pill to swallow” when I consider my limitations and lament over the activities I can’t do and objectives that I can’t reach. Then it’s time to get back to realising those that are achievable and being glad of what I have.

I’m glad that Christmas and New Year have enabled me to appreciate my brothers,sisters and father and mother (and in-laws), my raison d’ĂȘtre and some very special friends. I feel blessed.