Paleo ’14 reflections

our annual pilgrimage to Paleo Festival was great, this year marks 10 years since I met Ellen on the navette (tram) between Paleo and Nyon (nearest town).

This year we had the pleasure of cousins (Euean, Ffion and Ben) and friends (Lizzie, Lizzie, Heather, James, Pablo, Andrew) as well as wonderful family and Swiss friends.

The music was an extensive mixture of pop, rock, alternative, reggae, electro with highlights including Elton John, Jake Bug, Prodigy, Seasick steve, Jack Johnson, fat Freddy ‘s drop, Placebo, James Blunt, Stromae, Ky-mani marley, The Parov stelar band and some unexpected delights including St. Lo, Gestaffelstien, Robears, gypsy sound system Orchestra, Mantanza, Che Sudaka, Jagwar ma, mr oizo, fills monkey, woodkid, tweek.

weather held out mostly during the actual festival but the ground was horrendously wet which made for a very slippery time, which was entertaining but messy.

looking forward to the 40th Paleo festival next year… photos on Flickr and Facebook

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