Guttman conference on Spinal Cord Injury: content updated

140626 Assistive Technology and Employment- Fulfilling Prof Guttman’s Dream


Gave a talk at the conference today. The subject was employment and assistive technology for someone with spinal-cord injury.

photo slideshow from the previous backup city dinner talk:

Tom’s AV


2 thoughts on “Guttman conference on Spinal Cord Injury: content updated”

  1. Thank you so much Tom for sharing these two important occasions with us.
    Your analysis is just amazing and presentation of the two different events excellent.
    Je t’embrasse

  2. Viewed the power point trying to interpret backwards from the photos to what you would be saying about them. you don’t stop life’s being quite a rave! It is an amazing story. it feels too long since I met you both. I will try to remedy this.
    Off to Chapelle Antie soon – it is not as primitive as when you visited and did co-ordinated jumping into Meuzac lake – but it is always a step towards very simple living. Hammock is my big luxury.
    all the best to the Nabarros and Graham Jones,

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