Weekend of sun and snow

enjoyed a lovely weekend with some time relaxing in the hammock in the garden and then skiing in the biski in Hemel Hampstead(lesson with DSUK). my first snow faceplant in a biski!
pictures on Flickr, of everyone is enjoying the sunshine

One thought on “Weekend of sun and snow”

  1. You both look so happy! That’s a fabulous hammock! My great delight on holiday is to lie in one under a slightly cloudy sky reading til late afternoon and then to go and swim in a lake. These are high order luxuries that don’t cost much!

    HAve you seen the inside of the maths building in Oxford? You need swipe cards – so have to know an inmate. Outside from the Woodstock road it is nothing much to look at – except for the Penrose tiles – but inside…..

    Last night I went to a concert that made me sleepless! Ben Grosvenor who won Young Musician of the Year at the advanced age of 11 and is now 22, with the Endellion 4tet whose combined ages are 10 times Ben’s. It was one of those events that is so marvellous that it takes you out of yourself. It makes me feel very humble that our world which is such a messed up place can produce such wonders of skill, dedication and love for music. Not your kind of music but I know you have these kinds of reactions to your kind too!
    Have a good weekend!with love to you both,

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