Easter in Scotland

Looking forward to a nice long weekend up in Scotland, weather is good apparently so will be going for some trips with the off-road chair. Getting excited about the festival season and some nice warm weather.

Summer festivals for us include wilderness, Paleo aand Southwest four Weekender offering a wide variety of music between them.

We will be hopefully travelling to Italy, Switzerland and possibly Ibiza before the end of the year.

I will be giving talks at the backup trust charity city dinner As well as the Guttman Conference on spinal injury at Stoke Mandeville hospital.

Concerned about the progress of the welfare reform and the more stringent controls being put in place with regard to community Healthcare services as well as the introduction of personal independence payments(replacing disabled living allowance) and its seemingly stricter qualification requirements. There seem to be a significant section of the disabled population who will really suffer from these changes, notably those with conditions of temporal severity. I was also told that there has been research to prove that there is no health benefit of performing passive stretches and that the recommended procedure for preventing muscle contractures is postural adjustment! This was quite a surprise and I can’t imagine being able to do sufficient postural adjustment to avoid contractures whilst having a busy lifestyle. I plan to investigate this research further.

happy Easter

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