PA advert

Advertising internally with the agency I use for my personal assistants:

“We live in a big, usually lively, house and have an active lifestyle. I like to be as productive as possible and working closely with PA’s is how I achieved that. I need someone who can occasionally work well under pressure as well as going out and joining in with us when they want. Occasionally I require flexibility with late nights or early mornings but there is always lots of time during the week to rest, recuperate and have time to yourself.
We like movies, sports, music travelling and laughing. We live in a lovely countryside village close to Oxford and drive into London semi regularly. I would prefer a confident driver.”


January update

After a fantastic Christmas with lots of family and friends and mostly a very busy household, today was a slightly morose reflection on past celebrations and impending deadlines!
So, in order to procrastinate I’m writing a blog entry…
The article I wrote for forward magazine seemed to be useful and is being reused in various places.
We are planning trips to Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand and possibly Italy in the next couple of years.
And my friend Gary has come up with a great idea for jigsaw puzzle, 3-D printed wheelchair ramps… See the previous post.

My efforts are focused on brushing up my C programming and improving the portability of my voice recognition software setup.

3D printed Wheelchair-Ramp for one step by nanonan – Thingiverse

3D printed Wheelchair-Ramp for one step by nanonan – Thingiverse.


Thanks for pointing this one out Gary, some great ideas and the perfect example of the use of 3-D printing for practical solutions!

UPDATE: below is Gary’s design, credit to someone on the above forum for having a similar idea.

Lego ramps