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some questions about media streaming /accessible technology I asked a well-known technical blogger…

I’ve been looking at home media streaming solutions for a while including things like xbmc on the raspberry pi, Apple airplay, squeezebox, plexserver … I’m basically looking to have some solution where TV, content clients, content server and speakers are communicating wirelessly and this is obviously possible, just trying to find the most cost-effective, coherent solutions supporting the largest number of content client applications e.g. iTunes/chrome browser/operating system audio subsystem/xbmc/plexclient.

My question to you is specifically about the availability of chromecast in the UK, this seems to suit my needs better than something like Apple TV (which, unless jail broken, I believe will not stream local area network hosted media and less through a iTunes library, not sure whether you could just run iTunes on the Apple TV pulling media from a shared network location) although CC may not be able to stream local media, I’m fairly sure I can find a way to use xbmc/leapcast to stream Lan hosted media to the chromecast.

My other question is about your opinion of run-and-read. due to my inability to physically turn pages or pushbuttons, I’m constantly frustrated by the lack of contact less page turning devices for ereaders, this device (which I have backed on Dragon) looks good and I could attach it to a headband to tap with my head on something to turn pages.

Have been playing with various devices for eyegaze control, voice recognition as always and iphone switch and voice control.


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  1. Well Tom, this isn’t a comment in answer to your very technical questions – though I just about understand what they are about – it is a comment that says ‘I watch this website’!

    The photos are amazing. Although you are 10 miles down the road you live in a completely different universe!
    (I was trying to paste images of mine but the comment window won’;t accept them.)

    You must be excited about the European road-holiday – all the way to Levanto – how do you live there? From what Susie has always said it is a vertical house on ??cliffs?? by the sea??

    I had a great ‘change’ in France – as good as rest they say: my fill of walks and talks, celebrations and commiserations, art exhibitions, musical festivals and reading , barbecues and hammocking, walks and ‘wild’ swimming in local lakes, enamelling and DIY ( a lot of that – still recovering), birds (a trapped owl in the living room to greet me (!) ; conventions of starlings; buzzards hunting and woodpeckers rapping) and beasts (the great edible European dormouse which is a protected species and makes a terrible racket between the ceilings and floorboards at night). And great company aged from 11 months to 82 years.
    You visited the house once when it was still quite primitive – well it is still quite primitive but less than it was.

    Re-entry was very hard – still is.
    Ruhi , KAveri’s daughter, was one last Saturday.
    Her first birthday party involved another Pakistani baby born two days before and living in the same graduate hostel as Kaveri and Ayaz. That meant about 50 children and their parents to organise all afternoon. Everyone was completely exhausted by the end. Fortunately the daughter of one of Kaveri’s respondents from the East End was there with her henna-ing kit so everyone who stayed on got red patterned skin!

    Entering my third year of ‘retirement’, I am making resolutions to do less work. But I am still completing the work overdue when I retired, let alone writing up the research project which has now formally ended but is anything but finished. That’s going to take me to China and the US this autumn.

    Susie had supper here yesterday and she brought the most enormous marrow from Standlake. I have cut it into thirds and given them to resourceful friends and I will curry my third. (We also talked as though there were no tomorrow!)

    That’s it for now: seize the day – as Gordon always used to say – and don’t let the bastards get you down!

  2. great to hear from you, lovely to read your news
    I’m back from the road trip and straight into really interesting work
    lovely to see so much of Italy, France and Switzerland. The Alps are really to you and yours

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