please sponsor my friend Jenny Lee who is running for her grandmother’s favourite charity. She doesn’t usually run so is making a massive effort!

Go Jen…

Or if it’s easier people can sponsor by text –

All you need to do is text JLEE to the number 70070 and the amount they want to give!

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media streaming questions


some questions about media streaming /accessible technology I asked a well-known technical blogger…

I’ve been looking at home media streaming solutions for a while including things like xbmc on the raspberry pi, Apple airplay, squeezebox, plexserver … I’m basically looking to have some solution where TV, content clients, content server and speakers are communicating wirelessly and this is obviously possible, just trying to find the most cost-effective, coherent solutions supporting the largest number of content client applications e.g. iTunes/chrome browser/operating system audio subsystem/xbmc/plexclient.

My question to you is specifically about the availability of chromecast in the UK, this seems to suit my needs better than something like Apple TV (which, unless jail broken, I believe will not stream local area network hosted media and less through a iTunes library, not sure whether you could just run iTunes on the Apple TV pulling media from a shared network location) although CC may not be able to stream local media, I’m fairly sure I can find a way to use xbmc/leapcast to stream Lan hosted media to the chromecast.

My other question is about your opinion of run-and-read. due to my inability to physically turn pages or pushbuttons, I’m constantly frustrated by the lack of contact less page turning devices for ereaders, this device (which I have backed on Dragon) looks good and I could attach it to a headband to tap with my head on something to turn pages.

Have been playing with various devices for eyegaze control, voice recognition as always and iphone switch and voice control.


road trip

this is the initial plan:



France, Switzerland, Italy and passing through Germany