Southwestfour Weekender

well that was epic, great to see you pippa. we didn’t leave the bedrock tent for most of the day (2-8:30pm), unbelievable lineup: zabelia, s. vath, j. digweed, laurent garnier & eric prydz. then to see totally enormous extinct dinosaurs. Orlando was on form, unfortunately didn’t manage to link up with him afterwards.

photos available soon on Flickr

August reflections

> had a really productive day doing ultra-geeky python test framework
> programming to test some code with interesting applications, working with
> some brilliantly clever but slightly strange people. Following the premise
> that “you should never have to copy any code” is quite invigorating.
> Trying to find time to do things like research Google glass and cchase up
> my new wheelchair demonstration is proving almost impossible at the moment.
> Then there’s planning for the New York trip, end of September!

music music music

the “it’s my life 2” aspire book is available to read online here:

I would still advise people to buy the hardback book to support the great work the charity does :-).

now, what have I been up to…

had an incredible night at the Leeds warehouse yesterday for Gary’s stag, with Carl Craig tearing it up like no other… Fantastic old school style, “back to basics” such a fantastic event, thanks to Dave Beer, Jacob and Adam.

looking forward to Roscius and Ghostpoet among others at wilderness Festival next weekend. Reading introduction of Roscius on the website, which lists Debussy as an influence, makes me think of the album “the seduction of Claude Debussy” by THE ART OF NOISE, a canonical fusion album and one of my all time favourites.

Talking of fusion, Southwest four Weekender in Clapham, promises about the best dance lineup I think I have ever seen. Looking forward to fusion from Laurent Garnier, more Carl Craig, John Digweed, Carl Cox versus Loco dice above and beyond and the list goes on and on…

week before last we were at Paleo, again an indulgence of aural decadence, with highlights including:

> Crystal Fighters
> smashing pumpkins
> Alt-j
> Bit-tuner
> Bloody beet root
> Loccomotion
> Dub incorporated
> Asaf avidan
> Chief
> Phoenix
> The skints

love to all , thanks to everyone involved