wheelchair choices and disappointments

this is a letter to the wheelchair manufacturer (Permobil) regarding the last-minute fix of the wheelchair before holiday and choosing a new wheelchair to fix the current old one.
First of all I cannot thank you all enough for helping fix my chair before my holiday to Portugal last week
everything went fine, we managed to get the parts from RS components, rewire and get the head control welded back onto plates to attach it to the back rest (conveniently we have a metal works engineering company next door). this fixing was performed by wife and friend in the two days before leaving for holiday.. Portugal was fantastic.

Secondly, because of how helpful you guys are/have been and because I like the product, I’m going to go ahead with looking at a Permobil mid wheel drive chair.. I will need to have the most up-to-date and capable head control, which I believe you guys are releasing with your new control system sometime soon.please let me know when I can have a demonstration.
The other thing I’m extremely interested in is a self adjusting (with gyroscopes) levelling seated chair (where the chair stays level even when the wheels are on a slope. I saw this demonstrated a couple years ago but not sure the technology is in the mainstream yet
This interest in another permobil is in the wake of extremely bad sales service from Etac (whom I think have a very decent new chair- e800).

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