One thought on “? Heavy Roast Action vol 1 by djroastbeatz”

  1. Good to have your news Tom!
    Hope you are back to a good state of health.
    Gordon always used to distinguish health which is about colds etc from ‘fitness’ which was about his disability.

    Yesterday I was here.

    I know it won’t do a blind bit of good by way of convincing this government of thugs and vandals but it felt good to be in a big crowd of people who believe it is
    OUR NHS!
    and not to be ever more re-disorganised (the concept of Iain Chalmers) just to be easily sold off to the government’s rich friends.
    love to you and Ellen and all, Barbara
    PS Off for a few days of calm – Monet’s garden at Giverny and Honfleur – before the storm of 6 weeks’ fieldwork in India. last year I said never again in June and here I am once more….

    Tried to post a photo of Ruhi here but failed…

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