music and technology

Enjoyed Modestep at the Oxford O2 Academy yesterday, alongside energetic sweaty teenagers. Had to rescue Lucy on my lap from being “moshed”. Had a chat with a friend about smart TVs and iPhones… “Smart TV are fantastic, there are lots of good remote access features nowadays e.g. airplay, ELP etc
I use a raspberryPi with raspbmc (a dedicated build of the open source media player xbmc to control everything through infrared), worth a Google if you have a minute. I also have a remote control app for this on my iphone. I’ve been tinkering with an iPhone 3GS recently to get it to be controlled through the computer via Dragon, I’ve now managed it and can do scripting stuff to activate phone calls etc through a single command in Dragon(voice recognition). Pretty cool but don’t have enough time to look into it much further…”

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