voice recognition advice

In summary I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11.5, there is a version 12 but I don’t use it because it has not been compatible with a scripting environments called NatLink that I use. For anyone not having this requirement (and most people don’t) I would go with the latest and greatest e.g. Windows 8 and Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.
To avoid bottlenecks I would go with a significant amount of RAM (random access memory, at least four gigabytes, although improvements will be seen all the way up to 16!) And voice recognition, because of its reliance on processing power and audio input quality will be more accurate and responsive with powerful computer and sensitive microphone (iPhone is great or alternatively a USBheadset) it makes a significant difference if the microphone is reliably the same distance from the mouth each time you use it, the should be about 1 inch. The tutorials and information about what makes for good voice recognition within the software are very useful. Particularly information about vocal phrasing enunciation etc
I use a possum vivo for switch-based environmental control usage, this is limited but reliable.

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