End of January update

I have been asked about for advice on travelling for people with high levels of immobility a number of times recently. The following is one of those responses…
“good to be in touch, probably best if you check my website (link below) for the links to the Guardian article on travelling. There is also another bit of writing from one of the posts in September/October about advice.
Important things are WAV which can be expensive and something I found I just have to fork out for, I always take familiar carers with me (obviously some are better suited for travelling than others). Lists list lists so you don’t forget anything and I would take shower chair and ramp if I wasn’t able to arrange at the destination (same with hoist although this isn’t always possible)
some airlines are better than others”

I’m working hard at the moment on a report for a customer regarding a secure network with hardware-based platform security.

Enjoying spending a lot of time at home with friends on the weekend. It’s great to see a lot of mum, Russell, Lucy and Higgs and of course the great Angela, Glenn and most importantly, the Gorgeous Wife.

Spent some great time with dad and Josephine a couple of weeks ago.

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