iPhone 3GS fully controlled via voice

After a lot of googling I am controlling my iPhone completely via my PC.

The legend that is Colin James has given me his iPhone 3GS to play with and I now have it (in jail broken and with a vnc server) fully accessible via my PC either using Wi-Fi or USB (useful in the car). So I can control it completely using Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition on the PC.

Below are the details… Thank you to Colin James and numerous forums.

Collins phone
iPhone 3GS, old boot ROM
6.0.1 restore ispw loaded
snowbreeze and redsnow applications used
only iPhone three GS with old boot ROM can have an untethered jailbreak (and boot into jail broken state without being plugged into PC). This allows tweaks and running cydia. Have to restore to ispw configured for old boot ROM in order to have untethered capability. Put into boot loader mode (pwnd) before restoring phone (hold power button four seconds then home button as well for 10 seconds then just home button for 20 seconds) then can open iTunes (which should detect phone in restore mode) and hold shift while clicking on restore button which should allow user to navigate to snowbreeze old boot ROM ispw image file. Takes a while to restore.
Cannot find veency on cydia possibly because, firmware is too old? Apparently doesn’t run on pre-2.x fw.
veency doesn’t work with IOS6 apparently. Need to downgrade to 5.1.1? Yes apparently!

Verency install okay, installed SBsettings as well
keyboard does not work
(suggestion of using laptop as Bluetooth keyboard when vnc windows open?)
Install ifunbox to create tunnel over USB (in quick tools option tab in fun box application)
keyboard still does not work.
ONLY works in landscape mode now!!!
WORKS when the cursor is disabled in the veency application on the iPhone.

Tight vnc client on the PC is used to connect over USB tunnel (using fun box, VNC port from the iPhone is forwarded to loopback on the PC)

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  1. Hello Tom!
    No-one has replied to your technical stories, but perhaps like me they don”t fully understand all the abbreviations. What I DO understand is that your communications problems are being eased by astonishing advances in technology – and, to judge from your concert bookings, extra-curricular life is good. I hope to see you in Feb. We are all quite busy. Eli is properly divorced and will start her new life once her now ex-husband’s stuff is taken away by him . Only 11 months lying there.. Kaveri ‘s daughter Ruhi is growing normally and is 5 months i.e. she is the apple of our eyes, unique and perfect! Ayaz is finishing his thesis on the Pakistani bureaucracy.
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    Medicine isn’t proof against this behaviour and outcome. It runs all the way from fraud through coding mistake to research design. It is amazing there is any progress in anything at this rate.
    love to Ellen and you from Barbara

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