eye tracking technology for computer control

The eye tracking mouse input control will help alleviate some of the problems associated with trying to work purely with voice recognition. Example applications include drawing diagrams, efficient use of point-and-click for web browser usage, scrolling, dragging and other precision tasks.
Trying to draw diagrams or use online or other applications which do not adhere to standard Windows forms application models (e.g. Java/flash/xcode/Python) requires using extremely slow voice recognition methods of mouse navigation (specifying coordinates and/or issuing mouse directions e.g. “mouse up” and waiting for the mouse to move and then “mouse stop”). This is obviously tedious and a huge waste of productivity. Having a more intuitive pointer input mechanism would greatly help my productivity.
This technology uses an eye tracking technology (camera array) to control a pointing device and desktop software is used to first select an option and then specify locations for the action. I have trialled the system and found it to be extremely useful. (link below)


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