iPad mouthstick review

I was asked to test the iFaraday mouthstick, for use with an iPad, below are the findings:

Thank you very much for letting me test this mouthstick, here are my notes on using an IPad via the mouth stick provided by Aspire:

The mouthstick was an extremely good weight and the right length to be able to reach full range of entire screen.

The thicker of the two tips gave best touch responsiveness at a good range of impact angle.
Still a moderate amount of force required to press and get a response.
The clear rubber tubing around the mouth end allows for comfortable biting and a stable tip end because of the reduced amount of Flex in the shaft when compared to alternatives.

Modifications we tried to improve comfort:
Expanded the Clear rubber tip end with heat to remove and replace with shrink-wrapped Rubber (Around 1 mm thickness). Now can use either with Just the rubber For greater accuracy Or with a plastic bite Plate for greater comfort.

Stand needs A large amount of Tightening And still has a lot of Give, Assume that stand mobility Is reduced when The wheelchair is not perpendicular with The stand To be Able to store The stick, We need is a method of Attaching a tube With one Hollow End Via Velcro And and Angle Bracket

Note. Apparently the company “rehab teq” is due to release a switch input for controlling android devices. I’m waiting for a switch device from “rsl steeper” to do the same for an iPhone i.e. switch scanning to use basic phone functionality.

In response to your questions:
Can you let me know how you get on? It would be good to know:

1) Do they work?

Yes they do, there is a limit to the angle at which you can have the mouthstick in relation to the screen and still get a good response, with the rounded tip, this angle is quite acceptable.

2) Are they usable?

yes, good weight and sensitivity of touch compared to others I have tried

3) Is one tip better than the other or are they both just as good.

I found the rounded tip better at allowing an angle of usage rather than just straight on (mouthstick perpendicular to screen)

4) How did you mount the tablet/Phone to use the mouth stick.

Possum stand with adapter to fit to the back of a plastic hardcase with matching adapter fitting on a metal bracket

Stand: http://www.possum.co.uk/product/78

Hardcase: (from mobilefun.com)

5) Are they value for money?

Not particularly cheap but better than alternatives of similar price

6) Are the tips durable. Do they last a reasonable time. (Appreciate it will be difficult to answer this initially.)

no sign of wear as of yet

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