parking fines and accessible technology

Frustratingly had to pay another parking fine to Westminster. It was in Shaftesbury Avenue and my appeal based on the grounds that the number of parking spaces available for non-resident disabled people around Shaftesbury Avenue is unreasonably low was refused. I still feel it’s unreasonable to expect disabled people to travel long distances without a personal vehicle (which is what is required if you want to go out in the West End it seems). No “not yet disabled person” (as my friend Brian O’Shea calls able-bodied people) is expected to rely solely on bus transport (the only really accessible mode of public transport in London for people with high levels of immobility), otherwise we would spend all day travelling. There are no taxis that are roomy enough for someone tall in a powered wheelchair and most wheelchair-bound people know that “accessibility” and “the underground” don’t belong in the same sentence. rant over.

Remote control dimmest switches are up in the bedroom and almost fully working from the wheelchair via the infrared transceiver activated from the head switch control. Battling with the iPhone trying to get it working through speech recognition on the PC, waiting in anticipation for the Perrero switch adapter from RSL Steeper which will allow me to finally use a high-performance phone from my wheelchair.

Still waiting for a demonstration on the new etac (formerly Balder) wheelchair. Sales and after sales have never been their strength in my opinion.

Sorry for the (mainly) negative post. Best wishes to all.

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