Naidex South 2012

naidex 17 October 2012

items of interest

hybrid indoor/outdoor chair, front and rear pivoting axles, great off-road capability, questionable indoor manoeuvring. Company patron: Chris. Send specifications of head control/HMC easy Rider. No lockin system, questionable suitability for vehicle travel.
Very interesting conversation with Chris, the patron, about the lack of variable resistance in head control systems (predominantly being switch/discreet control systems). This does limit the driving experience when compared to a joystick (e.g chin control)

etac800 (Balder successor), slick design, seat extension, footrest extension, easy to fit armrests etc. Permobil have no direct competing model.

Unfortunately no otobock stand.

Permobil have a new head control to go with the new control system (octopus). The head control is compatible with P&G control systems (it is not proximity heads switch controlled). It is therefore compatible with the etac800.

RSL-Steeper, the assistive technology company, are one of the few to have ventured out of the dark ages (along with “smile rehab”, who I need to check out).
After the disappointment of finding out that the IPortal system (used to control iPad/iPhone from a wheelchair using dynamics control systems) is exclusive to Apple products and dynamics control systems (not P&G, the control system used by Permobil & etac/Balder), it was refreshing to hear that rsl are coming out with a small adapter that you control via scanning through a switch connected with a minijack plug.
Secondly, the mytobii system, which I have previously disliked for its overpricing, proprietary software model and limited usability, is now exceptionally accurate and user-friendly. I preferred the “PCI” model which can attach to any monitor/PC. Using the control bar at the right of the screen, you select the action and afterwards the location on the screen to perform the action. This separation of function and location leads to a reliable and relatively fast experience, a perfect companion to voice recognition when surfing or writing code.

thank you Angela for your help and consideration on the day

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