Great to see the article, a very para (as opposed to tetra/quad) perspective.
So you say that someone with upperbody immobility can use this as well? How’s the upperbody stabilised?

If someone has lost the ability to use arms and hands as well, I’m not sure how functional the ability to walk slowly would be as opposed to elevating the height of a good wheelchair. The health benefits of standing I achieve through static standing in a standing frame.

So the functional benefits related to performing manual functions whilst standing may not apply to tetra’s quite as much, also the practicalities of maintaining upperbody stability require consideration. The, “elevated perspective” gained from standing can also be achieved partly through elevating a good power wheelchair. the possibility of a “unrestrained hug” is definitely a positive feature for all..

reminds me of the considerations with respect to the irobot and its suitability for tetras.

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