backup trust involvement

looking forward to being involved in MASCIP conference looking at a spinal cord injury education through healthcare professionals. Also a workshop to learn about health care commissioning.

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  1. Dear Tom what a wonderful year 2012 has been for you !

    Thank you so much for all the postings and photographs especially of your country wedding with Ellen which reminded me of Polanski’s film Tess.
    Thank you also for the link concerning MASCIP and the backup trust involvement.
    I clicked onto their site and discovered the world of Matt King who became tetraplegique following a rugby accident at 17 years old in 2004.
    You can find out more on his blog –

    I was in the UK in September looking after my sister’s house and five cats.
    First time back home since Xmas 2004 and the Tsunami……..
    The paralympics were on and I was highly impressed with all the first class athletes.
    The ending ceremonies included a concert performed by The Great British Paraorchestra made up of musicians all disabled in some way or another including Charlotte White.
    There was also a tetraplegique trumpeter Clarence Adoo and you can find out more on his blog –
    Absolutely amazing.

    Much love

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