California part II

Vegas was incredible and three days was probably enough. Great fun playing poker, seeing the sights, music and shows. Point Loma was definitely a highlight for me which followed with more beach fun in Laguna Beach and a whirlwind tour of the sights and sounds of Los Angeles before heading back on a long flight with intermittent delays mainly due to lack of organisation on behalf of LAX, Virgin Atlantic and Heathrow staff. Complaint submitted to Virgin Atlantic but noted that service had previously been exemplary.

Immeasurable thanks go to all our hosts (Sharon, John and Marie as well as Michael, Monique, Luke and Anna), Claire and Angela for being such patient and diligent PAs, all the other people we enjoyed time with including Louise, Thomas, Luke and Missie, Robin and the girls… the list goes on.

What a perfect honeymoon which we will never forget. Cemented in the memory of Ellen and I for ever.

Pictures now on the web on the Flickr page.


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