California honeymoon

We are enjoying our honeymoon in San Diego at present (more accurately Ramona). We have been celebrating the marriage of Ellen’s father and Marie, who lives here on a ranch.
It is real cowboy country with fantastic barren countryside, rolling hills, rattlesnakes, coyotes and lots of horses.
We will be going to see “roping” where the contestants lasoo the horns and legs of a calf to bring it to the ground. The faster the better. (All very humane, I don’t think the calf’s are harmed at all) the competition will be in Escondido.

It’s very hot and dry and I think without Aircon we would struggle (between 30-35°C). It is just incredible, what an experience. Going down to the coast in San Diego (Pacific beach) on Wednesday to a beach bungalow for a few days, then Laguna Beach, Vegas and LA. How lucky we are to be able to travel.

Travelling with Ellen’s sister, Angela and Claire. We manage the heat and the long 11 hour flight from London Heathrow to LAX with a lot of hard work from Angela, Claire and Ellen. We are taking lots of care to avoid skin problems, looking after posture, doing stretches etc. The flight was managed with regular checks of creases in trousers, making me sit straight by pulling me back in the chair and regular checks of any skin pressure. We made sure we could fit the special gel cushioning I use with my chair onto the seat and this required persuading them to upgrade to Premier economy in order to fit the cushion onto the seat.