late summer update

All of the wedding photos are now on Flickr>>
we are off to San Diego in the 6TH September 4 honeymoon
off-road wheelchair going well and still being worked on
following on from the mixmag article, there may be another in Guardian travel soon
best wishes to all, thanks Felix for the photos

One thought on “late summer update”

  1. Really good photos – such a lot of love and joyfulness captured. I like the way individuals in the photos are picked out amid crowds – so many beautiful people – and Felix hasn’t forgotten to record the imagination, harmony and general grooviness of the veggies and newspaper transformation of that marquee! Congrats to everyone who contributed to a fabulous day that no-one will forget! Thanks for the post card and have a wonderful trip to San Diego..why San Diego?!!
    with love – just back from France and expecting to be a granny any moment now, Barbara

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