Paleo highlights (brief)

Absolutely fantastic, highlights included M83, sting, Roderigo and Gabriella, Christine, Guetta, Bon Iver, caravan Palace, Thelocius London, state of mind, Balkan beatbox, justice, Cadabzi, Chinese man, C2C, the kooks, garbage, the Cure, Manu Chau, foreign beggars.
the list goes on…
We went 7pm-4 AM 6 nights.

wedding reflections

The wedding was, as hoped, undoubtably the best weekend of my life. Despite a lot of people who mean a lot to us not being present for one reason or another, there was an incredible number of guests. I would hazard a guess at around 400 people over the weekend, all precious to us in one way or another. Many different life compartments intersecting with each other magical myriad of a wedding. Friends and companions coming together to interact and share and enjoy. That was the joy that we felt, celebrating the future that we will be able to share as a couple by sharing a weekend with those we have loved over a lifetime.
The Friday ceremony at Claydon house was perfect, even including the weather. Spellbinding readings.
Music was suitably exceptional on friday with everyone partying to musical genius with its hand turned to pop in the guise of “trulymedleydeeply”. Probably the best wedding music in the world… ever. Following were impressive DJ sets from cousin Nat (Nabarro) and Tristan (the musical orchestrator).
The following party on Saturday started predictably slowly with the walking dead from the previous night joined by freshfaced revellers arrived in a continuous stream over the duration of the day. Music was provided by impeccable afternoon live jazz (as though straight out of East Village) from Nick Goodwin and friends with subsequent beautiful relaxing folk music in the style of Fleetwood Mac and Joni Mitchell with a mesmerising and unique vocal touch from the “Effersoe duo”. All bands over the weekend were timely and professional in conduct and provided a great atmosphere in which to enjoy music. After much food (generously provided by guests) and drink, we were treated to the technical and talented cover band “Earcandy” from Oxford who blew us away with perfect pop and rock renditions. Not satisfied with this musical pick-and-mix we carried on into the night with more from Nat and Tristan on the turntables before trance (mmm… my favourite) mixologist “Ben Rush” took us on an epic journey towards morning…
Just have to thank everyone who was a part of it, especially those putting in work, from the bottom of our hearts.