Wedding prep


Wedding preparations and stag trip organisation getting very expensive, should be worth it. Seem to be constantly paying bills.
Operation on 11 April, not particular looking forward to that.
Work is very interesting, starting a new project using python.

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  1. Hello Tom! Stag party! That is so exciting – my daughters funked the public jubilation and only allowed 18 guests to one wedding and 30 to the other. Since even organising these events felt pretty complicated, I can’t imagine all the planning going into this.. I hope Ellen is doing just a little bit of the work!
    Way back in 1988 I bought two cases of Chateau Pujeaux to wait for Kaveri and Eli’s weddings – and they were in their most mysterious prime for the events. It was my only investment of this sort. I should have got an early Damien Hirst but I missed the trick. For the in-laws in Pakistan everyone was drinking fruit juice for the photos!
    I have been wasting time with the follow-up to a short essay
    Unlike the website title, it’s confined to about 6 people..
    How will you activate the url through voice operated software? I am intrigued.
    love to you and Ellen – have a great easter weekend, Barbara

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