really enjoyed a course to develop some fundamentals in counselling to help with being a mentor.

Brushed over some of the concepts within Paul Kennedy’s book on coping with spinal injury:

I forget how much of what we covered is applicable in everyday life, “minimal hints” i.e. conversational tools for steering conversation and Instigating opinion is a good example. Another Example is listening skills, using tools such as reiteration and confirmation to assume a grasp on mutual understanding of the current topic.

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  1. Dear Tom,
    Please see earlier comments on your very moderately worded letter about disability benefits. Glad to see all you are about and the photos which colour your life.

    Yes weddings are chores, just as marriage is about property. Neither of these things are at all apparent at the time you make these enormous and wonderful decisions about joyful celebrations and a lifetime of love!

    I am in Chennai trying hard not to melt and managing the chores of a research project I have wanted to do for years – it’s about seeing the economy as a material system – we can only tackle a tiny bit and that too as a pilot. It throws up zillions of questions we can only ask but not answer.

    I wish were young – as I did when we discovered that the way untouchables and tribal people are incorporated into the Indian economy as owners of businesses makes strong REGIONAL patterns – and when I found that religion still matters in the Indian economy. All of these topics need lifetimes of research – so it is heartening when younger people take them on which is what I hope will happen with the project of materiality.

    If countries like ours and India don’t kick-start themselves on a transition towards low carbon economies very soon, we are fried. In Chennai in March, people are already suffering May weather (just under 40 degrees – by day and around 30 or above as nighttime averages). It is intolerable without electricity and coal fired electricity makes it worse…Anyway on that very happy note I will turn up the fan and start the day!
    with love, Barbara

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