Wedding prep


Wedding preparations and stag trip organisation getting very expensive, should be worth it. Seem to be constantly paying bills.
Operation on 11 April, not particular looking forward to that.
Work is very interesting, starting a new project using python.



really enjoyed a course to develop some fundamentals in counselling to help with being a mentor.

Brushed over some of the concepts within Paul Kennedy’s book on coping with spinal injury:

I forget how much of what we covered is applicable in everyday life, “minimal hints” i.e. conversational tools for steering conversation and Instigating opinion is a good example. Another Example is listening skills, using tools such as reiteration and confirmation to assume a grasp on mutual understanding of the current topic.

March update


Ellen and I are preparing for the wedding and trying to be organised alongside everything else, we are going to have a nice nonreligious ceremony in a large country house and then a reception and party over the next couple of days at Standlake. Hopefully with bands and food and other entertainment.
My stag party is being organised by Raj and will be in Ibiza in June, I’m really looking forward to some non-stop dance music, it’s been too long.
Recently I have been doing far too many things including scuba-diving, mentoring (counselling) for people with spinal injuries, my software work and listening to lots of live music (DJ Shadow, groove Armada, Coldplay, King Charles recently)
it’s all very interesting but I do feel like I’m trying to do too much and not doing things as well as I should. As with you, I wish I could spend more time with family.
Healthwise I have an operation in April to remove some kidney stones which I’m not really looking forward to, hopefully all will go well.
I’m trying to get my off-road wheelchair finished for the summer, it’s been developed to use a head control and should allow me to go out in the country etc.